Fire- and Labour Safety - What actions a new company has to do to comply?

The fire- and labour safety legislation in Hungary orders different obligations for all kinds of legal entities (companies, sole propriatorships, and NGOs) to comply. Althought most of the related activities can only be carried out by an official labour safety and fire safety expert, it is the CEOs' or managing directors' responsibility to have these activities done by an expert in order to be compliant.

A great number of people ignore these tasks, however the relevant authorities are inspecting the compliance and they may impose a significant fine according to the existing fine regulations.

Nevertheless to comform the requirements is not only needed to avoid fines, but primarily to prevent accidents or a possible fire, also to provide health & safety at work.

Let us review what are these important tasks a new company has to do:

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are needed in all cases. The exact number and the type of the extinguishers needed (dust extingushers or carbon dioxide extinguishers) are determined by a survey in every cases.
  • Fire safety compliance inspection: The fire safety compliance inspection is obligatory in all cases. The condition of the electrical grids and the compliance to the standards are inspected and an official certificate is drawn.
  • Fire Protection Code: To create a fire protection code is also mandatory in all cases, when the number of employees are at least 5.
  • Fire drill plan: To create a fire drill plan is mandatory, if the building(s) where the activities are carried out is/are:
      Serves to place, serve, treat, educate, raise or nurse people who has limitations to escape independently due to their age (between 0-10 or above 65), their disability or health condition, or due to external restrictions.
      Serves to place an educational institution with a capacity of more than 50 person.
      Have a meeting room with a capacity of more than 50 person.
      More than 300 persons can stay in the building at the same time.
      It is an accommodation with a capacity to more than 20 beds.
      It is a music pub or club with a capacity of more than 50 peron.

  • Fire Protection Training: It is mandatory to keep the fire protection training for new joiners within 14 days of their joining date, and it is mandatory to repeat the training yearly to all employees.

    Labour Safety

  • Qualitative Risk Assessment: This labour safety related risk assessment is mandatory to all companies and enterprises regardless of the number of workfore.
  • Chemical Risk Assessment: This is needed in all cases, if any kind of chemicals are produced, used, distributed or disposed during the company's regular activities (e.g. detergents, solvents, oils, etc.)
  • Electric Shock Protection Assessment: Similarly to the Fire safety compliance inspection during the electric shock protection instepction the electrical grids and equipments are inspected, but from a labour safety point of view. An official certification is also provided for this type of assessments.
  • Work Safety Trainings: The work safety training is mandatory for all new joiners at the joining date. It is also mandatory to provide a refresher training every year to all employees, similarly to the fire protection training.
  • Work Safety Regulations: The "Work Safety Code" is also a mandatory documentation. This contains medical check-up process, the accident investigation policy and the basic health & safety rules at the workplace.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Benefit Policy: It is mandatory to develop this policy for all companies where there are any jobs within a company where a personal protective equipment is needed (e.g. protective work shoes, ear protectors, protective gloves, etc.),
  • Installing machines from labour safety perspective: If the company uses dangerous machines or equipments (e.g. manufacturing machines, production equipments, lifting machineries), they need to have an installation document from a labour safety perspective to all machines or equipments.

    The above list is only summarizing the relevant fire protection and labour safety tasks in general. So it is important to highlight that each case is unique, and the relevant steps and strategy is determined based on an inspection, site visit.

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